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Bee Cool Portable Cool Room Hire FAQs

Coolroom pick-up or delivery – can I pick up the mobile cool room?

We encourage you to pick-up and return portable cool rooms to our Geelong, Ballarat or Melbourne locations. This can be done at your convenience and will save you money. If you require portable cool room delivery to your Melbourne or Geelong event, phone Bee Cool for a quote on delivery costs.

What size mobile cool room should I hire?

The size of the portable coolroom you hire depends on the size and needs of your Geelong or Melbourne event. If it is a small event, a 6×5 cool room is ideal, for a larger event a walk-in coolroom would be more suitable. Take a look at the coolroom sizes available for hire.

How long can I hire the portable cool room?

Bee Cool cool room hire is available for short term and long term hire, one day or one month with daily, weekend, weekly and monthly rates available. A coolroom hire weekend rate covers Friday – Monday.

Do you hire generators in case I need to use my portable cool room in a remote location?

Yes we do. We have a range of generators to power your mobile coolroom for use where there is no power source, long term power outages or emergencies.

What leads are required to tow the mobile coolroom?

If you are picking up your cool room please ensure that you have a suitable tow ball and that your vehicle has the towing capacity. We can provide various types of leads to suit most vehicles, phone us at Bee Cool if you have any enquiries.

Can I lock and secure the mobile cool room I hire?

Whether portable cool room hire Melbourne, portable cool room hire Geelong or Ballarat – when you hire your coolroom, Bee Cool can provide padlocks for the doors and a tow ball lock for added security. It is, however, your responsibility to ensure that the portable coolroom is placed in a secure location to prevent damage, graffiti or theft. Please advise our staff if locks are required.

How much space does the portable coolroom need?

When choosing which cool room hire is right for you please consider any clearance restrictions.  Do you have sufficient height, length or width to accommodate the coolroom? Are there any gateways, trees or roofs that the coolroom needs to clear?  Please check exact vehicle dimensions with our friendly staff to ensure the portable coolroom will fit.

Can I park the portable cool room anywhere?

Flat, level, solid ground is the ideal terrain for setting up the portable coolroom. The wheels should be chocked to prevent movement.

What type of power does the coolroom require?

All of our coolroom hire units plug into 240v and require a 10amp extension lead. If you don’t have one, talk to Bee Cool and we will arrange one for you. All of our portable cool rooms for hire are ‘tested and tagged’.

Do I have to clean the cool room after I hire it?

Bee Cool wash and sanitise all of our portable cool room hire units before and after they are hired so that your coolroom is ready for your immediate use. We do ask that you remove all contents and any rubbish from the cool room before returning it.